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Judith speaks about topics from her book, The One Decision
Introduction (1:52)
Adventure (0:40)
Desire (1:04)
One Decision (5:33)
Way of the Heart (2:18)
Truth (2:27)
Power of Presence (1:48)
Life Quest (2:01)
Keys to the Kingdom  (1:08)
Allies (3:00)
Good Fight (1:22)
A Special Message From Judith
The One Decision. It's a way of life.
Look around. How many of us enjoy great lives, truly great lives, inside and out—at home and at work? What's the secret to a really great life? How do those people who do live great lives, do it day after day, after day? These people decided to live a great life. They choose it and they choose it every day. According to Judith Wright, they have made what she calls "The One Decision." Start with "The One Decision" to have your life be all you desire, and learn what it means to have a MORE Life.

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Inspiring Stories
Super Bowl or Super LIFE?
Mike:  Six months ago, I would never have guessed that I'd spend my birthday and Super Bowl Sunday half-naked in front of men and women I'd never met before with "One Decision" painted across my chest in greasepaint, wearing a giant foam "#1" sign on my hand.   read more »
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Want to achieve your goals?
Live your One Decision?
Why do it alone?

No visionary in history ever achieved his or her vision in solitude. Support encourages and inspires us. Keep yourself inspired with a Goals group or a MORE buddy.   read more »

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