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30 Days
To Your
One Decision
In The One Decision, Judith Wright shows how making and living your One Decision can be one of the most important and influential steps you take in your life. She provides a simple yet powerful 30 day guide to help you make your One Decision.
Below you will find an electronic copy of the companion worksheets to your 30 Days guide. You can print these forms and keep them with you as you go through the thirty days. Three different forms are provided so that you can select whichever form(s) work best for you. Some resources are quicker and easier to complete than others.
Choose the form that works best for you.
Journal your day
Use this resource to journal your day. This will help keep track and reflect on what activities helped move you toward your One Decision, and which did not. » Sample Journal Form » Journal Form
Track your responses
Use the responses form as a quick and easy way to track how you did with each of the exercises. Simply complete each of the sentences on the form. » Sample Responses Form » Responses Form
Log your reflections
This chart is a great tool to use as a simple checklist to track your assignment each day and jot down any thoughts you had about it. » Sample Reflection Chart » Daily Reflection Chart


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