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Declared One Decisions
I live my life in connection with my source, spirit and the universe.
— stacey powell (Portland, OR)
To be light in the world. I live grounded in integrity, courage and gratitude. I contribute generously to others.
— Lori Pinello (Colorado Springs, CO)
I live my life as an adventure, working for Good, and Truth, by valuing and seeing God in myself and all others.
— David Wade (Duluth, Mn)
I love myself as God loves me and embrace each day of my life. I choose to love and be loved, and to joyfully offer my gifts to the world.
— Julianne Manske (Chicago, IL)
I decide to live my life according to the belief that I am a person of great value and worth simply because I am alive.
— Stuart C. (Dallas, Texas)
I live my life as an adventure, being present to the beauty of form.
— Baunnie (San Francisco, CA)
I choose to live my life learning, growing, developing, and expanding my heart out to others in order to set them free to be all they were created to be.
— larry waite (frazier park, ca)
I live an organized and fulfilling life, spending my time doing the things that make me happy
— Princess WATSON (kingston, Jamaica)
I know that I am loved by many people around me including myself and also by God. Also I choose to live my life to the fullest and not let my addictions get in my way.
— Brian (Ottawa, Ontario)
I choose to live and be present at every moment of my life, to face the truth, to know and affirm that I AM ENOUGH, to create and feel the simplicity, beauty and peace of my surroundings.
— Ben (abq, nm)
I truly love & respect myself - body, emotions, spirit, & mind.
— Abigail (Katy, Texas)
I commit to living and experiencing my life (emotions, thoughts, feelings, doings, seeings, hearings, happenings, each and every one, every second, every experience, every new begining and ending) as an adventure guided by love and truth.
— Janice Pulve (West Palm Beach, FL)
I commit to getting the most of my life, my years, my months, my weeks, my days, and my hours. My decisions are based on getting the most of my life. I want to be spiritually fulfilled, intellectually challenged, interested and absorbed in life. I want activities I am excited to talk about. I need to feel the wonder of a child and will act to achieve it. I want and need recognition and will act to receive it. I commit to a life of deeper meaning and accomplishment.
— Lee Pelletier (Dover, New Hampshire)
I want to learn who I really am by seeing what is false in my life. I am on a forward trajectory and will not be stopped. I can do the impossible in every situation and I will not rest until the universe and I are one.
— Jeanette Ferrara (Trenton, New Jersey)
To love myself unconditionally, to be in integrity, to have intention , and have FUN on my journey.
— Pamela Zastrow (Wadsworth, IL)
I choose to live an authentic life as if every moment matters... by engaging my heart and full presence in the service of all things.
— Gary Robinson (Indianapolis, Indiana)
I engage with life and use my creativity to serve.
— Holly B (Chicago, Illinois)
I love myself, connect with people, tell the truth, and lead.
— Sarah H (Clarendon Hills, Illinois)
I live!!!
— Dennis A (Chicago, IL)
I am a stand for the value of human creativity in all the arts and humanities.
— Jim B (Chicago, IL)
I manifest genuinely from my heart fully bringing to bear my gifts.
— Brian L (Holmdel, New Jersey)
I care. I choose to engage.
— Marilyn P (Chicago, IL)
I love myself through laughter, hard work, expressing my feelings, and opening my heart. I touch and inspire because I am a woman of self-respect.
— Jillian E (Chicago, Illinois)
I live a life of excellence!
— Phil C (Chicago, Illinois)
I am the fullest expression of Wendy, as Spirit intended.
— Wendy M (Chicago, IL)
I am engaged, I contribute, and I love.
— Gertrude L (Chicago, IL)
I engage fully in life, genuinely express myself and author a life I love!
— Kathy S (Chicago, IL)
I honor my emotions as a gift from God. I live a huge life, being an inspiration to others.
— Tom T (Evanston, Illinois)
I am a determined woman who makes things happen.
— Edda C (Chicago, IL)
My One Decision is to be a creative powerhouse - guided by Spirit - driven to excellence - grounded in truth
— Liz M (Chicago, IL)
I am fully present in every moment, every day, fully engaged, manifesting ALL of my self. I live in Truth, and fear has no power over me.
— Beryl S (Chicago, IL)
I orient to excellence and truth.
— Tobey G (Chicago, IL)
I have decided once and for allóI am alive, awake, and engaged.
— Collin C (Chicago, IL)
I am awake, engaged, and alive. I love my life!
— Christina C (Chicago, IL)
I am my most powerful feminine creative force all day ó every day.
— Michele G (Chicago, IL)
I live as if everything matters.
— Denise D (Evanston, IL)
I live my life as an adventure, with no room for suffering. I'm a bold, vibrant leader.
— Jen S (Chicago, IL)
I am a stand for truth
— Barb B (Chicago, IL)


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